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Wonderful suprise !

News surprise

Today we received a wonderful gift from Australia !
Yvonne Chapman who is a beautiful artist, send us one of her works that was inspired on our pictures, this painting was used in an auction to raise funds for greyhound rescues ! It really made our day to receive such a nice present !

For more info like her on Facebook "Yvonne's Artwork"



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  • Sabine on

    Nog eens bedankt voor de mooiste fotoshoot ever !!!

  • Hedy Pardey on

    What a wonderful site I have come across in my browsing. Your photography is superb and in addition finding the artwork, based on your photography, by Yvonne of Wilma was a bonus. At my dog park (Rowland Reserve, Bayview, Sydney, Australia,) we have a few greyhounds who are ex-racing. A beautiful breed. (I have owned Weimaraners sine 1972. My current dog, Milly is 10. We are ageing together.)…..Wonderful canine images.

  • Yvonne Chapman on

    Hi Robin Berntsen please see my facebook art page, you can message me on there.
    or email me at

  • Tracey on

    Thank you Paul, for giving permission to Yvonne to use one of your beautiful photos as inspiration to create one of her beautiful paintings..! This painting was done especially to honour our beautiful rescue greyhound Wilma, who passed to the Rainbow Bridge in September at 12years old…. The painting is called “For Wilma” and was auctioned off to raise funds for ex racing greyhound rescue groups in Australia, New Zealand and UK. kind regards Tracey

  • Robin Berntsen on

    How much do.u.charge to draw my dog. Robin Berntsen

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