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Springtour Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Spring Tour 2016

Our first stop of the springtour was Liechtenstein ! We had a fantastic and successful time there with great models and lovely people.. 


Yasmine our host was a great organizer who welcomed us in her home and gave us a lot of nice memories we will never forget. Her daughter Sahara and whippets Zoë and Lola made us feel at home as wel ! Some mornings we woke up with a whippet in our bed :)


In Restaurant Zur Alten Eiche we build up our studio in their conference room witch was the perfect location situated in Triesen with in front a little running river and lots of greens where the models can relax between the shootings ! 


Some of our great Liechtensteiner flower models !












Thank you all for this wonderful time ! We will be back in 2017 ! 




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  • Esther Konzett on

    Hello Paul Croes
    Will you be in Liechtenstein this year? When will it be don’t wont miss you this time!
    Esther Konzett

  • Allayna on

    I really love wrapping christmas presents! its the best part of the whole gift excpeirnee for me! (im sad!!)We make gift tags from last years christmas cards and i too have had my little boy make wrapping paper by painting brown paper and also using potatos cut into shapes. But the cookie cutter idea is brilliant! I might borrow that idea myself

  • China on

    Now that’s sultbe! Great to hear from you.

  • Jenita on

    This site is like a clomarsos, except I don’t hate it. lol

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